A mobile wallpaper and MMS picture for Apple(tm) iPhone 4s, iPhone 3, iPod Touch, iPad, New iPad; Sony Ericsson(tm) Xperia; Samsung(tm) Galaxy or devices that have similar screens: Red Turkish-Ottoman Tulip photo. (Family: Liliaceae, Species: Lilliopsida)
Photo Date: April 2005, Location: Turkey/Istanbul, By: Artislamic.com

A mobile wallpaper and MMS picture for Apple iPhone 4s, iPhone 3, iPod Touch, iPad, New iPad, Sony Ericsson Xperia and Samsung Galaxy S II (2) Mobile Phones, Tablets and Devices: Red Turkish-Ottoman Tulip photo.
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iPhone 4s


Sony Xperia

Galaxy S II

iPad 1 & 2

New iPad 3
1280x720 wallpapers for the latest mobile phones:Alcatel OT-986, HTC Evo, HTC One, HTC Rezound, HTC Zeta, Huawei Ascend, Lenovo K800, LG Nitro HD, LG Optimus, LG Spectrum, LG X3, Motorola ATRIX HD MB886, Motorola MT917, Motorola XT928, Panasonic Eluga Power, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S II HD LTE, Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD, Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung I9500 Fraser, Sony Xperia acro, Sony Xperia GX SO-04D, Sony Xperia ion, Sony Xperia LT29i Hayabusa, Sony Xperia S, ZTE PF112 HD
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The One who created this plant says:  It is Allah Who sends forth the Winds, so that they raise up the Clouds, And We drive them to a land that is dead, and revive the earth therewith after its death: even so (will be) the Resurrection. If any do seek for glory and power, to Allah belong all glory and power. To Him mount up (all) Words of Purity: it is He Who exalts each Deed of Righteousness. Those that lay Plots of Evil, for them is a Penalty terrible; and the plotting of such Will be void (of result). And Allah did create you from dust; then from a sperm drop; then He made you in pairs. And no female conceive, or lays down (her load), but with His knowledge. Nor is a man long lived granted length of days, nor is a part Cut off from his life, But is in a Decree (ordained). All this is easy to Allah. Nor are the two bodies of flowing water alike, the one palatable, sweet, and pleasant to drink, and the other, salt and bitter. Yet from each (kind of water) do ye eat flesh fresh and tender, and ye extract ornaments to wear; and thou seest The ships therein that plough the waves, that ye may seek (thus) of the Bounty of Allah that ye may be grateful. He merges Night into Day, and He merges Day into Night, and He has subjected the sun and the moon (to His Law): Each one runs its course for a term appointed. Such is Allah your Lord: to Him belongs all Dominion. And those whom ye invoke besides Him have not the least power. If ye invoke them, they will not listen to your call, and if they were to listen, they cannot answer your (prayer). On the Day of Judgment they will reject your Partnership. And none (O man) can tell thee (the Truth) like the one Who is Acquainted with all things. O ye men! It is ye that have need of Allah: but Allah is the One Free of all wants, worthy of all praise. If He so pleased, He could blot you out and bring in a New Creation. Nor is that (at all) difficult for Allah. (The Holy Koran: 35/9-17)
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Some Compatibility Information:
The wallpapers for IPhone and Ipod Touch can also be used on the devices below with 320 x 480 resolution screen:
Acer: E310.
BlackBerry: 9000.
Garmin-Asus: A50.
HTC: A6161 Magic, A6366, Dream, Espresso, HD Mini, HD Mini T5555, Hero, Legend, Magic.
Huawei: U8220, U8230.
LG: GT540, GW620, VS660.
Motorola: Devour, i1, MB200, Moto MB300, MotoMB200, MotoMB300, Motus.
Palm: Pre.
Panasonic: P906i.
Samsung: Galaxy Ace, GT-S5830, SCH F339.
Sony: PEG-TH55, PEG-UX50.
SonyEricsson: E15a, E15i.
T-Mobile: G1, myTouch 3G Slide.
Vertu: Constellation.

The wallpapers for Samsung Galaxy S II can also be used on the devices below with 480 x 800 resolution screen:
Acer: F900, S100, S200, F900, S110, S200.
Apanda: A60.
Casio: Softbank 830CA.
Docomo: F-09B, L-02B, L-03C, L-04A, L-06A.
Generic: LGUPlus/Rex/FaceBook, Windows Mobile 7.
HTC: 8282, A8181, ADR6300, Blackstone, Bravo, Desire, HD2, Mozart, PB99400, PC36100, S6356, Spark, ST7377, Supersonic, T8585, Touch Diamond 2, Touch HD T8282, Touch HD T8285, XV6975, Corporation XV6975.
Kddi: CA001, CA004, H001, ISW11HT, P001, SH001, SH004, W52T, W54SA, W54T, W61S, W62SH, W63CA, W63E, W63H, W63SA, W64SA, W64SH.
LG: Ally, C710, E900, GC-900, GC900, GD900, GW825, KM900, LU2300.
Ms: IEMobile 8.
Pantech: SKY IM A600S.
Samsung: GT i8000, GT I9000, GT M8910, GT S8500, GT-B7610, GT-i8000, GT-I8320, GT-I9000, GT-S8000, GT-S8530, Omnia 7, S8003, SCH U960, SGH I8320, SGH-i707, SGH-I897, SGH-T959, SHW M100S, SHW M110S, SoftBank 930SC, Softbank 931SC.
Sharp: SH-03C, WS011SH, WS020SH.
SmartQ: V5.
Softbank: 005SH, 911T, 912SH, 920T, 930SC, 931SC, 940SC, 941SC, DM009SH.
SonyEricsson: X1i.
T-Mobile: MDA Vario V.
Toshiba: G900, T001, TG01.
ZTE: Blade.

The wallpapers for Samsung Galaxy S III can also be used on the devices below with 720 x 1280 resolution screen:
Alcatel: OT-986.
HTC: Evo, One, Rezound, Zeta.
Huawei: Ascend.
Lenovo: K800.
LG: Nitro HD, Optimus, Spectrum, X3.
Motorola: ATRIX HD MB886, MT917, XT928.
Panasonic: Eluga Power.
Samsung: Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S II HD LTE, Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD, Galaxy S III, I9500 Fraser.
Sony: Xperia Acro, Xperia GX SO-04D, Xperia ion, Xperia LT29i Hayabusa, Xperia S.
ZTE: PF112 HD.
Apple, the Apple logo, iPad, iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
Samsung, Samsung Galaxy S 2 are trademarks of Samsung Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
Sony Ericsson, Sony Ericsson Xperia are trademarks of Sony Ericsson Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.


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